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  • September 25-29, 2023 | Ottawa Architecture Week 2023 - City of Play: Fun in the Capital?

    Multiple events across downtown Ottawa September 25-29th. Check out for more details!

  • August 18- September 16, 2023 | ORSA Graphic Design Contest "DOODLE & PLAY"

    Entries must be sent by 11:59 pm on September 16 

    Contest Overview: The Ottawa Regional Society of Architects (ORSA) is hosting a graphic design contest open to all creatives in the Ottawa region. The contest aims to generate captivating graphics and illustrations that revolve around the theme of "PLAY" to showcase the participants' creativity and contribute to the architectural community in Ottawa. The winning designs will be prominently featured during Ottawa Architecture Week and displayed on the official ORSA website. 

    Contest Objectives: 

    1. To encourage the creation of fun and creative graphics that align with the theme of Ottawa Architecture Week. This provides an opportunity for participants to explore their artistic skills and express their interpretations of the theme. 

    1. The contest includes a category exclusively for ORSA members, intended to attract non-member students and encourage them to join ORSA. This category will have its own winner, providing an additional incentive for students to participate and potentially become members of the architectural society. 


    ORSA members are eligible for a $200 gift card.  

    *Student memberships to ORSA are free! Sign up at

    All non-ORSA members are eligible for a $100 gift card.  

    Contest Timeline: 

    • Contest Launch: August 17 

    • Submissions Deadline: September 16 

    • Winner announced: September 25 on Instagram @ottarchitects and at opening event of Ottawa Architecture Week 

    Submission Rules: 

    1. Eligibility: The contest is open to anyone with a creative side. All ORSA members are eligible for a $200 gift card. All non-ORSA members are eligible for a $100 gift card. All students can register to be an ORSA member for free.  

    1. Design Requirements: 

    • Ottawa Architecture Week ‘PLAY’ theme: The designs should be unique, modern, and reflective of Ottawa's architectural character. It should be scalable and suitable for use across various promotional materials.  

    • Designs will be printed on black or white T-shirts, single sided.  

    • Designs can be multi color or single colored graphics. 

    1. Format: Submissions can be created and produced in any medium (Hand-drawn, Painting, Digital). All submissions must be submitted in a digital format (JPEG, PNG, or PDF) and must be high resolution. 

    1. Multiple Submissions: All participants are encouraged to submit as many unique submissions as desired. 

    1. Submission Process: Participants must email their designs to with subject line ‘ORSA Graphic Design Contest 2023’ along with their name, contact details, and a brief description of their design concept. Feel free to also include your Instagram handle so we can tag your winning design on our Instagram! 

    Judging Criteria: 

    1. Creativity and Originality: The design should be unique and innovative, standing out from existing festival events. 

    1. Visual Appeal: The design should be visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing, capturing attention, and conveying the intended message effectively. It should symbolize the playful spirit of Ottawa. 

    1. Clarity and Simplicity: The design should be clear, easy to understand, and scalable without losing its impact. 

    Rights and Ownership: By participating in the contest, all participants acknowledge that the winning images will become the property of ORSA, granting them the rights to use, modify, and reproduce the images for promotional purposes related to the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects.  Winners will be asked to submit high-resolution JPEG, PDF, or PNG format to receive their award. 

  • August 15, 2023 | ORSA Annual General Meeting

    ORSA invites it's members to the Mill Street Pub at 5.30p for our Annual General Meeting followed by a presentation of the Parliamentary Centre Block Project in Ottawa presented by Darrell de Grandmont, OAA.

  • June 3-4, 2023 | #ORSAxDOO2023 ORSA and Doors Open Ottawa Photo Contest

    Photos/entries must be posted by 11:59 pm on June 04, 2023.

    We are joining Doors Open Ottawa (DOO) for an exhilarating collaboration, introducing a captivating photo contest that encapsulates the essence of the highly anticipated Doors Open 2023 event. Taking place during the first weekend in June, this unprecedented collaboration merges the architectural prowess of ORSA with the public engagement initiative of Doors Open Ottawa.

    As shutterbugs and enthusiasts converge upon the vibrant city, participants are invited to capture the intricate beauty, historical significance, and contemporary marvels of Ottawa's diverse architectural landscape. With stunning visuals as their canvas, contestants will unleash their creativity, immortalizing the unique perspectives, hidden gems, and awe-inspiring moments that encapsulate Doors Open 2023.

    Whether highlighting iconic landmarks, lesser-known architectural treasures, or the interaction between people and their built environment, this photo contest promises to celebrate the symbiotic relationship between architecture, community, and artistic expression.

    1. Artistic Abstractions: Delve into the Playful and Abstract Side of Architecture.
    2. Architectural Gems: Unveiling the Intricate and Unique Details that Define Ottawa's Buildings.
    3. Illuminated Elegance: Unraveling the Mesmerizing Dance of Light and Shadow in Ottawa's Architecture.
    4. Timeless Tales: Preserving the Historical Significance of Ottawa's Architectural Landmarks.
    5. The Crowd's Pick: Let Your Voice Be Heard in the People's Choice Category.

    Each category winner in the photo contest will receive a $100 gift card as a prize. Additionally, there will be a special People's Choice Award, with a $200 gift card as the reward. The gift cards can be redeemed at local businesses in Ottawa. To appreciate the winners' outstanding work the winning photographs from all categories will be featured in ORSA promotions and showcased during the highly anticipated Ottawa Architecture Week. It's an opportunity to not only be recognized for your talent but also to support and explore the vibrant local community.

    As a condition of participating in Playful Perspectives: An ORSA and Doors Open Ottawa Collaborative Photo Contest 2023 (the “Contest”), entrants agree to be bound by these Official Contest Rules (the “Contest Rules”).

    1. Photos must be taken at designated locations provided by Doors Open Ottawa 2023 which can be found on the event website:
    2. To submit a photo first follow ORSA’s Instagram @Ottarchitects and use the hashtag #ORSAxDOO2023 for photo submission.
    3. Be sure to title the post with the category name (above) to be considered for a prize in that category (One category per submission).
    4. Provide the name of the designated Doors Open Ottawa building in the Instagram post description.
    5. Photos/entries must be posted by 11:59 pm on June 04, 2023.
    People’s Choice Rules:
    1. The top 5 photos for People’s Choice will be selected by the judges on June 07, 2023 and posted to be voted between June 9-16, 2023 on Instagram @ottarchitects.
    2. The winning photo will be decided by having the most likes on ORSA’s Instagram page as of 11.59p June 16th, 2023.
    3. The winner will be notified and announced on June 17th, 2023 via our social channels.

    *By participating in the ORSAxDOO2023 contest, participants agree to grant ORSA and Doors Open Ottawa, non-exclusive rights to use their submitted photographs for promotional purposes, including online and offline marketing materials, publications, social media posts, and exhibitions related to the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects. Winners will be asked to submit high-resolution photographs in JPEG or PNG format to receive their award.

Awards, Bursaries & Competitions

  • RAIC Foundation Scholarships - Call for Submissions Due March 2022

    College of Fellows Centennial Fund for Intern/Intern Architect $5,000 – Deadline March 18, 2022. 

    The College of Fellows Centennial Fund for Interns or Intern Architects was created with donations received from members of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada to support a deserving Intern or Intern Architect or group of Interns/Intern Architects wishing to promote the value and image of the profession.  

    Read the full submission guidelines

    RAIC Foundation Bursary $2,500 – Deadline March 18, 2022 The RAIC Foundation Bursary was established  to support a project consistent with the RAIC Foundation’s mission to promote architecture in its broadest sense. The winning submission will be a project that encourages public education or enables significant scholarly research that results in publications, exhibitions, symposia, lectures, or conferences. 

    Read the full submission guidelines

    CAGBC Scholarship $5,000 – Deadline March 25, 2022 

    The CAGBC Scholarship was established through an endowment from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) to promote and encourage sustainable research and design in Canadian Schools of Architecture. 

    Read the full submission guidelines

    Kiyoshi Matsuzaki Scholarship $3,000 – Deadline March 25, 2022 

    The Kiyoshi Matsuzaki Scholarship embodies the RAIC’s commitment to deserving students by promoting excellence and providing financial support to those whose demonstrated commitment  to complete the RAIC Syllabus Program with the full intention of achieving professional registration through a Canadian Architectural Licensing Authority. 

    Read the full submission guidelines

    NEW Vince Catalli Scholarship in Sustainable Design Innovation $5,000 – Deadline March 31, 2022  

    The Vince Catalli Scholarship in Sustainable Design Innovation promotes and encourages innovative, practical, scalable, and transferable approaches to sustainable design among the next generation of architects in Canada. In addition to the cash prize, a $1,000 travel honorarium will be provided for the recipient to attend the RAIC Conference.

    Read the full submission guidelines

    NEW The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation’s Award for Architectural Conservation $1,000 – Deadline March 31, 2022 

    The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto Foundation’s Award for Architectural Conservation recognizes emerging heritage conservation practitioners and  celebrates excellence, innovation, and best practices in the applied field of architectural conservation– while supporting an understanding of Canada’s built heritage. 

    Read the full submission guidelines


  • Mar 22, 2022 | 7.5% City – Adapting low density suburban Cities for a more sustainable future

    7.5% City – Adapting low density suburban Cities for a more sustainable future. Case study for Melbourne Australia. Rob Adams City Architect, Melbourne

    7.5% City – Adapting low density suburban Cities for a more sustainable future. Case study for Melbourne Australia. Rob Adams City Architect, Melbourne
    How to double a city's population in the existing footprint? Ideally, for climate change, mental and physical health, we must stop sprawl; how to do it while creating great cities for people, with amazing park systems?
    Half of the home that there will be in cities in 40 years, do not exist today. Wonderful opportunity, and responsibility. We must do cities radically different.

    Mar 22, 2022 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Executive Meetings