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Ottawa Architects 150

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Ottawa Architecture Week 2018

[Re]defining Affordability

Sept 10 - 14, 2018

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We build on history.

ORSA has given a voice to the architectural
profession for over 100 years.

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We set the bar.

ORSA’s mandate is to raise the profile of the
architectural industry in the Ottawa region.

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Who we are

The Ottawa Regional Society of Architects is a non-profit volunteer organization and a Society of the Ontario Association of Architects. It provides a forum for free discussion of professional matters, a focus in the community for activities involving architects and a centre for educational, community, and social activities of its members.

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What we do

ORSA acts as a point of contact between the general public and the architectural profession. It is actively involved in programs that enhance the level of understanding of architecture and the architectural profession. ORSA also assists the OAA Council in examining matters of interest to the profession throughout Ontario.

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Why we do it

ORSA is committed to presenting informed opinion on issues affecting architecture in the National Capital Region, as well as to increasing public awareness of the social importance of architectural design.

Our Mission Statement
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ORSA is for you.



ORSA isn’t just for architects. Aside from registered OAA members, ORSA also consists of members of professions related to the industry like Interior Designers, Planners, Contractors and Technologists.

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ORSA also welcomes members of the general public who have an interest in architecture and wish to further their involvement in the architectural community.

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