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The Ottawa Regional Society of Architects is a non-profit volunteer organization and a Society of the Ontario Association of Architects. It provides a forum for open discussion of professional matters, a focus in the community for activities involving architects and a foundation for educational, community, and social activities of its members. ORSA is the local Chapter of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), which is the licensing and regulatory body that governs the practice of architecture in Ontario.

ORSA is committed to presenting informed opinions on issues affecting architecture in the National Capital Region, as well as to increasing public awareness of the social importance of architectural design. ORSA plays an advocacy role in our City, ensuring that architecture and design are key considerations in public discussions and in processes that have an impact on our built environment. ORSA has, participated in civic improvement roundtables, hosted public forums on current city planning issues, and initiated discourse on urban and architectural concerns in the Capital.

ORSA organizes and sponsors a wide variety of initiatives including forums, exhibitions, competitions, film series and celebrations that engage the architectural profession, its sister disciplines, and the public. The ORSA Executive, comprised of volunteers, undertakes and directs these initiatives throughout the year. We strive to promote and advance the role of architecture and design in Ottawa's vibrant community.

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Explore our Annual Reports to learn more about our work and supporters.

Annual Report - current
Read about our supporters, activities, participants and volunteers for the most recently completed fiscal year.

Past Reports
2019, 2020 - Read about our supporters, activities, participants and volunteers for past years.



ORSA is led by a volunteer Executive Board comprised of individuals from Ottawa's architecture and design community. The officers of the ORSA Executive Board are elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is held in May of each year.


2021-Present | Christopher Moise
2020-21 | Tamara Khou and Zoe Lebel
2018-19 | Toon Dreessen
2014-17 | Roberto Campos
2012-13 | Graham Murfitt