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Construction Claims – Double-Header Presentation

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The cost of the event starts at $25 and you can click here to register.


The executive board of the OACETT Ottawa Chapter would like to invite you to attend a Double-Header Continuing Professional Development Presentation & Networking event.

Two presentations (Construction Delay & Impact Claims – A Bird’s Eye View and Construction Claims – Extras & Scope Change) will be presented by Steven T. F. Karst, C.Tech., MBA, Construction Claims Specialist at Arbitech Inc.

Steven Karst is an experienced construction professional with over 25 years in the industry working in the residential, commercial and industrial environments. Steven enjoys managing claims to help his clients reduce financial risk and is a specialist with determining simple costs or complicated quantum associated with delay, disruption or other commercial failures. He has provided contract management and cost control on multi-million dollar projects, provided expert opinions for construction claims on world-class projects and has worked as an entrepreneur in the construction trades.

Tickets: $25 for one presentation | $30 for both presentations

Refunds up to 7 days before event Eventbrite’s fee is nonrefundable.


Presentation 1: Construction Delay & Impact Claims – A Bird’s Eye View 

This presentation is a high-level look at construction claims and is good for all audiences.

  • Discuss the top 5 causes of a construction claim
  • Defining a claim
  • Discuss and view examples of contractual entitlement of a claim
  • Overview of evaluation methods
  • Case Study – Winnipeg International Airport
  • Case Study – High Profile Museum, Toronto
  • Review the types of cost damages imposed on Owners, & Contractors
  • Methods used to calculate office overheads as they are related to claims
  • Discuss best practices to mitigate construction claims risk

Presentation 2: Construction Claims – Extras & Scope Change

This presentation is very heavy in contract language and case law examples and is best suited for project managers, contract administrators and those in the commercial management realm.

  • Define changes stated in various CCDC Contracts.
  • Discuss Causes or Claims for Change.
    • Drawing errors or omissions
    • Differing and Unforeseen Conditions
    • Delay or Interference by Others
  • Discuss and Evaluate Change Documentation
    • Who Initiates it
    • When & How
    • Formalities
  • Briefly Touch on Waiver of Change
  • Difference between Deletion or Omissions
  • Subcontractors & Change Orders
  • Contemplated Change Notices
  • Requests for Information & Site Instructions
  • Change Directives
  • “Work Under Protest” Entitlements
  • Valuation of Changes
  • Mitigating Claims or Change Orders
Date Sunday, June 23, 2019
Time 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Location 7 Bayview Road Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B5
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