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Levitra dosing, Half life of levitra

In 1997, France Pellicano led a group of like-minded professionals in founding the ORSA Supporters group with the belief that they could support Ottawa area architects through a mutual appreciation of good architecture. Soon after their inception France created the Supporters’ motto: “We Mean Business.”

Today’s Supporters still “mean business” and this diverse group of respected business people provides a valuable resource to area architects through group and individual information sessions.

The Supporters are also a formidable volunteer force, providing funding and backing events like Architecture Week and ORSA’s charitable fundraisers.

The Supporters and the ORSA Membership enjoy a beneficial relationship that enhances their mutual business opportunities and knowledge offering.

ORSA welcomes its newest Supporters with great appreciation! Volunteers are always welcome!

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If you are a member of a related industry and are interested in becoming an ORSA supporter please levitra 10 mg or contact levitra pills for more information.

ORSA Supporters Committee

Rob Hewitt

Supporter Chief


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Levitra dosing, Half life of levitra

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