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Why Hire an Architect?

Too many people realize how complicated it is to build — until they find themselves in the midst of building codes, zoning bylaws, contractors’ bids, material selections, etc. The architect is the one professional who has the years of education, training and background needed to guide you through the design and construction process. The architect will help define exactly what your want to build, and ensure that you get the most from your construction dollar.

When you embark of a construction project your are making a commitment to a major investment. Your architect can transform your ideas and functional needs into a program, conceptual design, working drawings, and technical specifications from which the facility will be constructed under your architect’s administration. The question should not be ‘why hire an architect?’ but ‘which architect do I hire?’.

Which Architect do I Hire?

Ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances or look around your neighbourhood, if you see a building project that looks particularly successful ask the owner or contractor for the name of the architect involved.

Use the Find an Architect search below to select an architect based on the type of building or project you have in mind.

Once you have some potential firm names, check out their websites and contact the firms to ask questions about their experience with projects similar to yours.  Arrange a meeting, ask to see some relevant work samples, and get an idea of how the firm would approach your project.  A sense of personal rapport with your architect is essential for ultimate success.

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