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Yves Gosselin

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Location Ottawa, ON
Email urbanvisionurbaine.yg@rogers.com

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Yves Gosselin was born in Ottawa, where he spent his formative years, obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture from Carleton University in 1973. After working in Montreal in various architectural offices, he pursued graduate studies at the University of Calgary completing a Masters of Environmental Design (Urbanism) in 1978. He worked in Calgary in various capacities in urban planning, the development industry, and in architectural practice. In 1983 he returned to Ottawa as Chief Architect for the National Capital Commission. During his years at the NCC he held directorships in the planning and the design/construction fields. His most significant accomplishments were the master planning and implementation of Confederation Boulevard, and the preparation of the Master Plan for the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats. During his tenure, Mr Gosselin and the NCC design staff were recognized with more than 25 design awards. He has maintained an ongoing involvement in academia as a sessional lecturer, and adjunct professor in various universities including Carleton University, where he has lectured in urban history and urban design. Mr. Gosselin spent seven years on the Board of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada including 2005-2006 as President. He is currently the Registrar of the RAIC College of Fellows Mr. Gosselin was a director in the A&E field with Public Works Government Services Canada until 2010. He is currently a consultant in the urbanism field.